Heritam SICAV - Equinox Fund I USD Acc Fonds

Nettoinventarwert (NAV)

105.46 USD USD %
Vortag USD Datum 30.06.2020

Heritam SICAV - Equinox Fund I USD Acc Fonds Kurs - 1 Jahr


So investiert der Heritam SICAV - Equinox Fund I USD Acc Fonds: The investment objective of the Compartment is to achieve capital appreciation principally by investing in a diversified portfolio of catastrophe bonds (“CAT Bonds”). CAT Bonds are structured investments issued by a special purpose vehicle for the purpose of allowing investors to take reinsurance risk by purchasing a floating rate note covering natural catastrophes and occasionally man-made catastrophes, mortality and longevity risks. The CAT Bond market started in around 1996 and the main perils are US Hurricane, US Earthquake, European Winter Storm, Japan Earthquake and Japan Typhoon. Other natural catastrophe perils that occasionally feature in CAT Bonds are earthquake and tropical storms in other locations than those described above, severe thunderstorm (tornadoes) and wildfire.

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Valor 27785308
ISIN LU1217778783
Name Heritam SICAV - Equinox Fund I USD Acc Fonds
Fondsgesellschaft FundPartner Solutions
Aufgelegt in Luxembourg
Auflagedatum 29.02.2016
Kategorie Anleihen Sonstige
Währung USD
Volumen 21’849’538.23
Depotbank Pictet & Cie (Europe) SA
Zahlstelle FundPartner Solutions (Europe) S.A.
Geschäftsjahresende 31.12.
Berichtsstand 09.07.2020


Ausgabeaufschlag 5.00 %
Verwaltungsgebühr 0.50 %
Depotbankgebühr 0.12 %
VL-fähig? Nein
Mindestanlage 947’550.00
Sparplan Nein
Ausschüttung Thesaurierend


Name FundPartner Solutions (Europe) S.A.
Postfach 15, avenue J. F. Kennedy
PLZ L-1855
Ort Luxembourg
Telefon +352 467 1717666