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20.09.2019 20:08:00

What the UAW Strike Means for GM

After months of mutually unacceptable negotiations, UAW launched a strike against GM (NYSE: GM). Most auto strikes are resolved in a few days, but this one shows no signs of stopping.In this week's episode of Industry Focus: Energy, host Nick Sciple talks with Motley Fool senior auto specialist John Rosevear about what this means for GM, the strikers, and the auto industry as a whole. Find out what'll happen if this ends in the next few days, and what happens if it drags on; why it's looking like it'll drag on; what both sides want from these negotiations; and what investors should watch out for in the next few quarters.Plus, stay tuned for some other updates, including the non-merger between Renault and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and an exciting new batch of European EVs.Continue reading
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