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22.02.2020 16:30:00

What Is Your Full Retirement Age and Why Does It Matter?

As a retiree in the United States, your monthly Social Security checks will likely help you make ends meet. Unfortunately, though, the average monthly check isn't very big, coming in at just $1,503 in 2020.While the biggest factor affecting the size of that check is your yearly earnings over a lifetime of employment, there's one decision you'll make as you near retirement that can also significantly affect how much you get in retirement benefits -- the age when you first claim them. This matters because you have a full retirement age (FRA) designated by law and based on your year of birth that forms the basis for how much you will receive. If you start your benefits right when you hit it, you get your primary insurance amount (also called the standard benefit). But if you decide to start either early or late, your standard benefit will be decreased or increased. Continue reading
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