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TruSense App's New Medication Tracking Feature Targets the Number One Barrier to Medication Adherence

CINCINNATI, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- TruSense LLC, provider of innovative healthcare solutions for consumers, employers, insurance brokers, and healthcare systems, has developed and unveiled new functionality within their mobile app platform that aims to help people to better adhere to their prescription medication regimen. This new medication tracking capability complements TruSense's existing feature set, which includes user-friendly monitoring of key biometrics like blood pressure, weight, and respiratory function.

TruSense takes a decidedly no-nonsense approach to medication scheduling, a point of differentiation over the slew of medication tracking apps currently available, the company says.
"Statistics show us that, by far, the most common reason why people don't take their medications is simple forgetfulness," says TruSense Senior Vice President, Rob Deubell, "So for us, the most important thing was to eliminate ambiguity and guesswork from the equation, especially for those who are prescribed multiple medications. Custom reminders help individuals to keep track of which medications have been taken and when, and the ability to share these reminders means that loved ones can help out, too."

When setting up reminders, rather than force its users to search for their medications from a long, confusing pharmaceutical database, the TruSense app offers the ability to type in the exact names, dosages, and quantities of medications. It also gives them the ability to take their own photos of medications and labels to attach to their reminders, providing extra clarity. This method streamlines the experience and accommodates the vast majority of American adults who regularly take daily vitamins, herbal remedies, and other dietary supplements that are frequently not included in prescription databases. Medication tracking also works in conjunction with TruSense's biometrics monitoring features to help users get a more complete picture of their overall health.
"If a person has a medical issue like high blood pressure, for example, their doctor might prescribe new medication on top of diet changes and exercise. By monitoring their blood pressure in combination with medication tracking, that person's overall health awareness is vastly improved," says Deubell. "This empowers the individual with more ownership of their own health, which often drives healthier behavior."

Additionally, sharing capability for medication reminders allows caregivers or family members to be kept aware of the individual's medication adherence on a daily basis. If a medication dosage is missed, TruSense will notify those who have been chosen to have this information shared with them, allowing them to follow up and ensure that the medication has been taken properly. Notifications can be sent via e-mail, text message, or automated phone call.

To achieve the cleanest, least cumbersome experience possible, The TruSense app is completely advertisement-free for all of its users and features no in-app purchases. The app is also compatible with Amazon Alexa devices for extra ease-of-use via voice commands.

"We wanted to give people and those in their care circle maximum convenience in ensuring medication adherence, while being extra careful about protecting privacy," says TruSense CEO, Rob Adams. Alexa support is HIPAA compliant, ensuring protection of users' personal medical information.

Current estimates state that 2 out of 3 Americans with prescriptions do not properly adhere to their medication schedules, leading to $300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs as well as 125,000 premature deaths annually in the United States. "Making medication scheduling a shareable experience is a big step that we are taking toward tackling the medication adherence problem," said Adams. "The focus is helping people to understand and mitigate the impact that non-adherence has on their health, which, in turn, helps to relieve the high cost burden on our healthcare system in the process."

For more information about TruSense and their health and wellness products, please visit the company's website at https://www.mytrusense.com. For media inquiries, or to schedule a demo, please contact Kimberly Angell of Wish Public Relations at kim.angell(at)wishpr.com, or (415) 471-7272.

About TruSense
TruSense is led by a visionary team with decades of collective experience in developing innovative data collection solutions across millions of connected devices. Now, the TruSense team uses their considerable expertise to provide individuals, caregivers, healthcare systems, and employers with tools and technology that instills ownership of personal health, reduces healthcare costs, and improves quality of life. Learn more at https://mytrusense.com.



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