22.02.2020 15:06:00

The Canadian Marijuana Industry Has a Surprising $1 Billion Problem

In case you haven't noticed, the North American cannabis industry has been a borderline mess in recent months. To our north, Canada has been contending with regulatory-based supply issues that have created shortages or bottlenecks. Meanwhile, in the U.S., high tax rates, and to a lesser degree supply issues, have stymied legal-channel sales. No matter the problem, it's opened the door for black-market producers to thrive.But this isn't all. Individually, financing remains a serious concern for a number of cannabis stocks, as does investor trust following a number of breaches of that trust in 2019. Goodwill has also become a prevailing issue for a handful of marijuana companies.Unfortunately, there's yet another balance sheet statistic to add to the worry column, at least for Canadian growers: inventory.Continue reading
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