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26.05.2022 18:39:26

Six Years of Relentless Efforts: ViaBTC is Always on the Way

BTC mining has evolved from CPU to GPU and finally to ASIC, setting off a hardware “arms race”. Since more advanced mining chips are introduced, the hashrate of mining rigs has been on the rise, making mining extremely difficult. Meanwhile, hashrates are centralized by big mining farms and large institutions, and retail miners now struggle to gain the right of block updating solely relying on their own hashrates. To stay in the game, more and more miners choose to join a mining pool for stable mining revenue.Before choosing one from many mining pools out there, miners should think about the following factors. First, brand recognition. In general, famous pools are more reliable because they are often highly recognized by the miner community. Second, user experience in both the products and the services the pool provided. A pool with a full range of products, in most cases, enables efficient and convenient mining experiences. All in all, brand recognition, and user experience in products and services are all backed by the tech capacity of the team behind the pool. Strong tech capacity allows a pool to offer a sound mining environment, so as to better safeguard the interests of miners.6 years of solid steps: ViaBTC is reliable and trustworthyIn March 2016, Haipo Yang, the founder of ViaBTC, developed and deployed ViaBTC Pool on his own. Only two months later, ViaBTC Pool was officially launched. In June of that year, the BTC pool was introduced. To improve the mining revenue, ViaBTC Pool revolutionized the payment methods and invented PPS+, which was the first of its kind in the mining industry. Apart from the block reward, under the model of PPS+, miners will also receive the daily mining fee according to their contribution. This invention was widely approved by miners and mining institutions. By doing so, the pool became one of the world’s top 5 by BTC hashrate in less than 5 months since it was launched.As a comprehensive crypto mining pool serving the world, ViaBTC has always adhered to the principles of security, transparency, fairness, and freedom. Through 6 years of dedicated efforts, the pool has introduced mining services for dozens of cryptos, including BTC, ETH, and LTC, and the invention of PPS+ has greatly improved the brand awareness of ViaBTC in the miner community. It is now the preferred choice among miners.6 years of concrete actions: ViaBTC insists on innovationHow to provide better mining experiences to attract more miners has always been a challenge facing mining pools. Always offering new products and services, ViaBTC has committed to innovation and illustrated what the proverb “good wine needs no bush” means through concrete actions.For instance, ViaBTC Pool offers multiple channels, free and paid, to meet the demand of different groups of miners by upgrading Transaction Acceleration; launches ViaBTC’s Hashrate Fluctuation Notification to free miners from keeping checking the hashrate since they will be notified when the figure drops to the set threshold; introduces Hedging Service and Crypto Loans to help miners mitigate the difficulty in turnover of capitals, more flexibly dealing with their funds, especially under extreme market conditions.Always starting from miners’ rights and interests, ViaBTC has insisted on innovating products and offering a full set of products and supporting services, so as to provide miners with more efficient and convenient mining experiences.6 years of pioneering efforts: ViaBTC is backed by a strong teamA company’s success depends on its team. ViaBTC has always upheld the principle of “the team is a company’s most important product”, and seen its team as its core competitiveness and the most iconic product. Through 6 six years of talent hunting, ViaBTC has built a strong and globalized team with group members having rich working experience in world-renowned Internet and financial enterprises. It is noteworthy that some of the pioneers in the crypto industry have joined the ViaBTC.As a technical expert himself, Haipo Yang has attached great importance to code security due to his keen insights into security and auditing. Since its inception, ViaBTC Pool has never experienced any major security accidents. Backed by a strong team, ViaBTC Pool provides miners with a secure and stable mining environment to make them feel at ease every time they mine.Although the mining industry is highly cyclical, ViaBTC will not stop forging ahead in spite of wild market swings. Even though the road ahead might be beset with thorns, ViaBTC will never give up. This is the best of times; this is the worst of times. ViaBTC will join hands with miners to embrace a new crypto age and create new glory in the next 6 years.
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