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ProfNet Expert Alerts: Sex Discrimination in the Workplace, Financial Tips for Parents of College Students

NEW YORK, July 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Below are experts from the ProfNet network who are available to discuss timely issues in your coverage area.  

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  • Sex Discrimination in the Workplace 
  • Financial Tips for Parents of College Students


  • Senior Video Journalist - The Wall Street Journal (NY)
  • News Editor, Spot News – Dow Jones Newswires & The Wall Street Journal (NY) 


  • Semantic Search: How to Write Content That Anticipates Searchers' Needs
  • Blog Profiles: Teacher Blogs



Sex Discrimination in the Workplace 
Beth Zoller, JD 
Legal Editor 
"In order to combat sex discrimination in the workplace, it's critical for employers to be proactive and develop, implement and enforce discrimination, harassment and retaliation policies and provide comprehensive training to all employees and supervisors. Recognize that discriminatory and harassing actions may be subtle but they must be addressed and all individuals in an organization held accountable."
Although it's been over 50 years since the passage of Title VII and women comprise approximately half of the workforce, sex discrimination is still rearing its ugly head in the workplace. Five anchorwomen at the New York City news channel NY1 sued parent company Charter Communication alleging that they were "marginalized and cast aside to make room for younger women and men." Further, the plaintiffs allege that they "found their on-air time dramatically reduced, anchoring opportunities decreased, prime reporting opportunities taken away and promotional efforts eliminated."
Website: www.xperthr.com

Financial Tips for Parents of College Students
Andrew Welp 
Wealth Transfer Advisor
Savant Capital Management
"It should not be a shock that kids out on their own for the first time can make poor choices. Finding ways to protect them - and you - and save money is key to their future. Not all learning comes from the books at college."
It's that time of year when parents become empty nesters as their kids head off to college. In addition to picking out the right books, towels/bedding and mini-fridge, there's a lot more parents should be considering before leaving their children in the rearview mirror. Here are five key things to do before sending your child off to college. • Protecting yourselves: minimize your potential liability related to your child's actions by changing the title of the car and/or insurance • Protecting your child: have your child name you as power of attorney on both property and healthcare • Saving on taxes: take that extra step in putting money in the state-sponsored 529 – even if it's right before s/he goes off to college – and immediately use it to pay the school • Saving on tuition: find out the avenues in which you could garner the in-state tuition rate if you live out of state • Starting your child down the financial responsibility path: set up a matching gift arrangement for a Roth IRA.
Andrew Welp is a wealth transfer advisor for Savant Capital Management, a leading independent, nationally recognized, fee-only firm serving clients for 30 years with more than $6 billion in assets under management, and he works closely with clients to analyze client estate plans, develop wealth transfer and asset protection strategies, and assist with trust and estate administration. Andy is knowledgeable in many financial planning areas including retirement, tax, education, risk management, and investment planning. He also has two daughters who he says are growing up way too fast, but he's already planning – early - for their transition to college one day.
Website: www.savantcapital.com



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  • Senior Video Journalist - The Wall Street Journal (NY)
  • News Editor, Spot News – Dow Jones Newswires & The Wall Street Journal (NY)



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