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Lambert Premier Auctions announces Solaris Live Unreserved Auction - Extended

LAKE COUNTRY, BC, July 19, 2019 /CNW/ - For the past 7 weeks, Lambert & Co., in partnership with the Jane Hoffman Group, has been working around the clock to create a pool of qualified buyers who are eager for the opportunity to bid on Solaris.

Experience The Difference. (CNW Group/Lambert Premier Auctions)

The highly anticipated auction, initially scheduled for July 18th, offers bidders a chance to own Solaris, a stunning 1.1-acre lakefront luxury retreat located in Lake Country, BC. 

This past week has seen significant interest from a number of new bidders, as well as multiple "buy it now" bids. Lambert & Co. takes pride in their transparency, which requires them to qualify and prepare each bidder thoroughly prior to registering for bid.

The increased demand led to them exercising the built-in extension option. This allows all bidders to complete their due diligence before putting forward their best offer. The "buy it now" stage will continue until all interested bidders have been given that opportunity. The home will be active in the "buy it now" period and Lambert & Co. welcomes those still interested in registering.

If Lambert & Co elects to proceed with the Live Auction registered bidders will be given a minimum 48 hours notice to attend. All registered bidders have been informed of the timeline extension and will continue to have the opportunity to place bids on the home.

The corresponding charity auction for Mamas for Mamas, a Canadian charity dedicated to helping mothers and caregivers in crisis remains a priority. Details surrounding the charity auction are to follow.

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