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20.07.2019 08:00:27

'I had my leg amputated, but now I’m an athlete and motivational speaker'

Jamie Gane, 25, on how he quit a full-time job for a role in which he can help inspire others Name: Jamie GaneAge: 25Income: £13,000 a yearOccupation: Motivational speaker, athlete, accountant and personal trainerI was 22 when I had my right leg amputated. Severe plantar fasciitis meant I’d been a full-time wheelchair user since I was 12. By the time I was 16 I just wanted my leg off. It took six years for the doctors to operate as they insisted on waiting until I was older and in a good enough place mentally. I held off until I finished my degree. Afterwards, with a prosthetic leg fitted, the world felt like a different place. I’d not walked in years. Suddenly I was a lot taller and no longer in any pain. Continue reading...
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