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Godwin Motors Following New South Carolina Temporary Tag Law

COLUMBIA, S.C., May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A new state law known as the South Carolina Temporary Tag Law went into effect earlier this month, and the folks at Godwin Motors want to make sure shoppers are aware of it. The new law gets rid of the old paper license plates that newly purchased vehicles would come equipped with when they rolled off the lot, replacing them instead with a new, trackable temporary tag that makes the streets safer for law enforcement and makes it difficult for thieves to cover up stolen vehicles with fake temporary license plates.

For the most part, shoppers won't have to change the way they do things now that the law is in effect, other than making sure that any vehicle they might purchase comes equipped with the new tags. Dealerships have a few months to comply, as the old plates will still be legal through November. So, shoppers that would prefer the new temporary tags on their new vehicle need to do their research and make sure that the dealership from which they're purchasing will be following the new law.

Godwin Motors is certainly one of those companies. The dealership specializes in used vehicles from a number of different brands and offers the benefits of being a buy here pay here establishment. Residents of Columbia, South Carolina, and the surrounding area can research their next new vehicle on the dealership's website at http://www.GodwinMotors.com. Any questions can be directed to the dealership's sales team at 803-252-8774. Godwin Motors is located at 4032 West Beltline Blvd. in Columbia.


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