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Global CBD Works to Solve Toxic Algae Outbreaks in Multiple States Using Hemp-based Technology

SANDPOINT, Idaho, August 15, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Global CBD has come up with two different solutions for toxic algae outbreaks that have been occurring, which include structured water and micro-encapsulation. Cyanobacteria is a type of bacteria that has become an emergency for the states of Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Washington, New Jersey and Michigan. States are issuing warnings to avoid waters that have tested positive for these toxic algae, which has been found in lakes, rivers and ocean fronts.

The toxic algae, often referred to as "Blue Green Algae," is responsible for killing fish, marine life, and dogs and poses health risks for humans. Global CBD Inc. is working with Agri-Maxx, a company based out of Portland, OR, to improve hemp growth using structured water. Their aim is to use frequency waves to help improve crop growth and yields while reducing water and nutrient usage. Nutrients and temperature in lakes and streams are contributing factors to the growth of Cyanobacteria.

Global CBD Inc. has collected samples of the toxic algae for testing in Fernan Lake, ID, and Moses Lake, WA, to find the correct frequency waves to eliminate the algae. This is currently in beta testing, but the company is working on developing a course of action for these areas and other areas affected by Cyanobacteria.

The other method Global CBD Inc. is researching is microencapsulation technology. They are working to develop a process that is designed to preserve and stabilize cannabinoids while providing a reliable method for precise measurement of the active ingredient concentrations by weight. This same technology has been successfully applied in South America to eradicate Cyanobacteria using a delivery system composed of microscopic-sized balls made from beeswax, which contain a hollow core. The hollow core is filled with a broth that is made with active algae-eating bacteria, pseudomonads, which compromises the mitigating toxic Cyanobacteria blooms.

Global CBD Inc. of Sandpoint, ID, the first hemp company in Idaho that specializes in high bioavailability CBD, has started a fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 by August 30 to deploy the first rehab testing lab to clean both Fernan Lake and Moses Lake. These two close lakes have been issued health advisories to not fish or swim in because of their toxic algae outbreak.

The mission statement for Global CBD Inc. is "Be better for our environment, community, family and ourselves." CEO/Owner Joel Bordeaux said, "When I learned about these technologies, I couldn't pass them up -- for our products, farms, and the ability to clean our water -- I couldn't just stop. I have two kids that love the water. Communities like Moses Lake that can't access their lake due to serious health risks must be addressed."

To learn more about this project and donate to Global CBD's mission to clean our water, please go to http://bit.ly/savethelakes.

About Global CBD
Global CBD CBD OIL and Extracts originate from organically grown agriculture hemp provided through a state piloted program. Their 99% pure CBD with no THC hemp is processed using a supercritical clean CO2 extraction technique that removes the CBD molecule from the hemp plant. Global CBD has isolate, distillate and multi-spectrum CBD products. Skincare, drinks such as CBD water, CBD lemonade and syrup additives, CBD honey, tinctures and their proprietary pure relief line. They are first known for their Nano CBD product line and now are introducing SUPER Nano! For more information, please call 855-733-7223, or visit https://globalcbd.com Global CBD is located at 1720 Industrial Dr. Sandpoint, ID 83864. To read more about Global CBD in the news, visit https://thenala.com/media-room/media-room-detail/global-cbd.

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