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17.02.2020 15:55:00

Disney Will Survive Last Week's Theme Park Price Hike

It's been nearly a week since Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) pushed through the latest price hike on many of its tickets and passes for Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California. Theme park buffs naturally don't like when a day or year of fun gets more expensive, but they aren't likely to stop coming to Disney's gated attractions.Most field reports from Disney World and Disneyland over the weekend are talking about the huge crowds at both resorts. Sure, it's the seasonally potent Presidents Day weekend. Folks also tend to plan their vacations weeks (if not months) in advance, so it's not as if last Tuesday's price hike would be weighing on this holiday weekend's crowd levels.And even if we look out weeks or months ahead, it would be a surprise if Disney's turnstile clicks aren't moving higher. The company should emerge from last week's price increases just fine. Continue reading
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