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19.07.2019 15:16:00

Disney Has Created a Model for Decades of Box Office Success

When a little film becomes a big hit, that makes it seem like every movie released has a chance at box office success. In reality, low-cost, out-of-nowhere blockbusters like Juno, Slumdog Millionaire, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding are incredibly rare.These days, big-budget franchises dominate the box office, and smaller films have increasingly been relegated to shorter runs in theaters or go straight to streaming. That may not be great for film lovers, but it makes financial sense.It's expensive to go to the movies, and when people do, they want spectacle (and maybe explosions). They also want something familiar they know will be worth the roughly $10 that the average movie ticket now costs.Continue reading
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Amazon.com / Apple / Walt Disney 47334808 07.05.2021 6.71 %

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25.11.19 Walt Disney overweight JP Morgan Chase & Co.
13.11.19 Walt Disney Outperform Credit Suisse Group
08.11.19 Walt Disney overweight JP Morgan Chase & Co.
20.08.19 Walt Disney In-line Imperial Capital
08.08.19 Walt Disney Outperform Credit Suisse Group

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