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CNY Travel | Taste indigenous cuisine in Pingtung Shenshan settlement

PINGTUNG (Xin Media) — The Shenshan settlement, an area traditionally occupied by the Rukai tribe, is located in Wutai Township, Pingtung County, next to the Shenshan waterfall.In recent years, the tribal cuisine culture has been actively promoted so that visitors and tourists could obtain the full experience by participating in the making of the food. Moreover, visitors can also enjoy arts and crafts with the tribe or visit the Shenshan tribes with a tour guide.The Lily flower-shaped decoration at the east observatory.(Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)Prior to arriving at the home of the tribe, visitors will pass by the Tanikawa Bridge, the only bridge outside the Wutai Township. There are two observatories that allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding from different angles.At the west observatory, there is a memorial in remembrance of those rescuers’ heroic mission when Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan in 2008 (Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)Once a forbidden place, the Shenshan Waterfall is a place all visitors must visit. In 2019, after the reopening of the trail, this has become a mysterious mountain-forest many tourists hear about.The Shenshan Waterfall is divided into three or four floors with respect to the terrain. When visitors approach the area, one can feel the sprinkles of water and the sound effects of nature.The Shenshan Waterfall is a place all visitors must visit. (Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)In addition to natural beauty, the Shenshan tribe established the first “tribal cooking school” in Taiwan, which aims to combine the experience of both collecting and cooking the ingredients.Under the guidance of the tribe’s “mother,” visitors can enter the field to harvest to further learn about different ingredients, as well as learning how to cook the unique and original dishes.There is a suspension bridge on the way to the waterfall.(Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)Furthermore, the Shenshan settlement has also established experience of “DIY coffee.”This was first introduced when the Japanese colonized the Wutai area, however, it was gradually abandoned due to the departure of the Japanese. Recently, the local residents have begun replanting coffee and promoting the experience of frying coffee, which has become one of the experiences visitors can enjoy.Under the guidance of tribal youth, visitors dig out the taro roots from the field.(Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)Only the whole red coffee fruit can be picked, and the color change of the coffee stocks is also the indication of the ripe coffee fruits.(Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)Roasted coffee beans are ready to be grounded (Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)When visitors visit the Shenshan tribe, one can also participate in the DIY experience of glass beaded bracelets and charms.Under the guidance of the Shenshan tribe princess, Zhao Yanfen, she highlights the meanings behind pearls: the warrior’s pearl, the pearl of love and the pearl of honor, each represented on the glass beads respectively.Finally, the actual participation in the making of the beads begins and this remains to be one of the most precious souvenirs to take away.The glass beads of the Rukai people have different meanings for different totems. (Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)The Shenshan Tribe Community Development Association promotes various tours including tribal cooking school, hand-made beading, and DIY coffee.(Courtesy of Chang,Li-yu)原文連結:欣台灣這篇文章 CNY Travel | Taste indigenous cuisine in Pingtung Shenshan settlement 最早出現於 The China Post。
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