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18.09.2019 16:37:48

Broadcom: Chip Demand Has Bottomed Out and Might Stay Low for Awhile

You wouldn't know it from checking stock prices, but 2019 hasn't been so kind to chipmakers.The U.S.-China trade war, the resulting tariffs, and softening demand for some semiconductor categories (like digital memory, well documented by Micron lovers and haters alike) have all taken a toll on the Silicon Valley-centric industry. As measured by the PHLX Semiconductor Index, chip stocks are up 19% over the trailing 12 months and up 39% year-to-date after recovering from the Q4 2018 market meltdown.The rally has taken place in spite of the news, as investors have been anticipating a rebound in chip demand. Plus, plenty of chipmakers have rounded out their businesses with more stable and higher-margin software products. Broadcom's (NASDAQ: AVGO) advance this year is due to both reasons -- although an anticipated halt in the semiconductor demand slide doesn't necessarily mean a big rebound is coming soon.Continue reading
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