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22.08.2019 00:07:00

Apple Stock: A Changing Thesis

Any long-term investor will tell you that you need to have a solid thesis supporting your choice to buy a company's stock, and you have to stay on top of the new information that constantly pours in, in case it changes your thesis. In the case of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), the reason you'd buy this company today is far from the reason you would have bought it 10 years ago, or 39 years ago when it first came public. In the past, you likely would have bought shares of this company for the innovation it was bringing to the space. Today, you may buy shares to own a slow-growing blue chip that will be steady for the long term. I'm not certain that investors recognize this.For many years, Apple has been the gold standard of innovation. Apple products have been known to be efficient, carry a sleek design, and, most importantly, have few to no software issues. From the first home Mac computer through the iPod and eventually the iPhone, there is no doubt that the face of consumer electronics has changed for the better thanks to Apple.Continue reading
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