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18.09.2019 16:11:15

Apple Flirts With $1 Trillion Market Cap Again, but It May Not Last

The race to $1 trillion in market capitalization has been well documented, as some of the nation's biggest technology companies have flirted with that milestone in the past 18 months.Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) was the first to achieve it in early August 2018, flirted with the artificial milestone through November 2018, but then fell in value before hitting the mark again in the middle of last week. Apple is hoping this one lasts a little longer. Shares for the tech giant quickly came under pressure in the days that followed, as investors and analysts digested all the information from Apple's product launch on Sept. 10, and the price dipped. But the stock is back up again and the market cap is now hovering right around $1 trillion. So what's behind the rise and fall and rise again of Apple's market cap in such a short time frame? Continue reading
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