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20.09.2019 14:01:00

3 Top Mid-Cap Stocks to Buy Right Now

The stock market's recent volatility took a toll on many mid-cap growth stocks, creating an opportunity for investors to go bargain hunting. There's no guarantee that every beat-up growth stock will march higher from here, but I think the odds favor long-term success in Alteryx (NYSE: AYX), Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC), and Avalara (NYSE: AVLR). If I'm right, then I think buying these potential market leaders now after their recent sell-off will prove profit-friendly. Read on to find out why I'm a fan of these three fast-growing companies.Data is only useful if it can be exploited for insight that drives sales, efficiencies, and, ultimately, profit. Better insight means better outcomes, but historically, crunching increasingly larger and dispersed information has been a complex endeavor requiring specialized training and time. Fortunately, those hurdles are shrinking thanks to simple-to-use software sold as a subscription by Alteryx.IMAGE SOURCE: GETTY IMAGES.Continue reading
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