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06.02.2023 12:36:00

3 Signs You've Chosen the Wrong Medicare Advantage Plan -- and What to Do About It

Many people opt to make changes to their Medicare coverage during fall open enrollment. And if you signed up for Medicare Advantage this past fall, or switched to a new Advantage plan, you may be wondering if you made the right call. Here are a few signs that your Medicare Advantage plan isn't really working out so well.The premiums you're responsible for under your Medicare Advantage plan shouldn't come as a surprise, as those were no doubt disclosed to you when you first signed up. But what may be throwing your finances off-course is the out-of-pocket costs you're facing now that you're actually using your Advantage plan. If your costs under your new plan are higher than your costs under your old plan, then it's a sign that your current plan isn't a good fit.Image source: Getty Images.Continue reading
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