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19.08.2019 14:27:50

試辦東南亞三國免簽 印尼、越南有望加入免簽國行列 | Taiwan considers visa waiver for Indonesia and Vietnam

【看英文中國郵報學英文】臺灣試辦菲律賓、泰國、汶萊來臺免簽至109年7月31日,是否也對印尼、越南採取免簽措施,備受關注。Taiwan has extended visa waiver for citizens from the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei to July 31, 2020, as part of its New Southbound Policy, allowing visitors from these three countries to enter Taiwan without a visa. Since then, attention has centered around whether the policy will expand to include Indonesia and Vietnam.交通部長林佳龍日前提及,針對大陸暫停旅客來臺自由行一事,為避免臺灣觀光業受到嚴重衝擊,研擬將開放陸客與東南亞國家民眾自第三方入境免簽。The Minister of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Lin Chia-lung (林佳龍), on Aug. 5 said that Taiwan had relaxed visa regulations in an effort to offset the effect of China’s travel ban on the solo traveler to Taiwan on its tourism industry. 內政統計自106年實施菲律賓國民來臺14天免簽措施,使菲國來臺旅客人數大增12萬餘人次,而107年新增30條航線,其中東北亞及東南亞航線即占超過7成,如若繼續擴大免簽政策,有望增加越南、印尼遊客來臺觀光,及新住民之家屬來臺探親。The Ministry of the Interior (MOI) estimates that since 2017, when policy giving 14 days visa-free privileges to citizens from the Philippines was implemented, Taiwan saw a 120,000-increase in the number of visitors from the Philippines. Thirty new air routes opened up in 2018 with more than 70 percent flying to Northeast and Southeast Asia. Therefore, along with increased flight connectivity, visa-free policies are expected to boost tourism and encourage family members of Taiwanese new immigrants to visit.  外交部發言人歐江安於13日表示,這牽涉觀光、邊境管理與國家安全等面向,正由行政院持續透過跨部會機制審慎評估,外交部將配合行政院之研議,控管風險,爭取國家最大利益的同時,不排除也對印尼、越南試辦免簽的可能性。Joanne Ou (歐江安), the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), announced on Aug. 13 that visa policies towards Indonesia and Vietnam are currently under the assessment of the Executive Yuan. As this concerns not only tourism but also border control and national security, careful considerations have to be made. 這篇文章 試辦東南亞三國免簽 印尼、越南有望加入免簽國行列 | Taiwan considers visa waiver for Indonesia and Vietnam 最早出現於 The China Post。
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