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20.09.2019 14:03:56

瑞典帥哥廚師的逢甲夜市初體驗 | Swedish YouTuber has a great time in Feng Chia night market

【看英文中國郵報學英文】來自瑞典南方山明水秀的Steninge小鎮,22歲的Tiger立志要吃遍全世界。是的不要懷疑,他的本名就叫做Tiger(老虎)。身為一名專業廚師,Tiger將他的YouTube頻道命名為「aHungryTiger」(一隻飢餓的老虎)。Coming from Steninge, a beautiful forestry area close to the beach in southern Sweden, a 22-year-old YouTuber, Tiger, aims to travel everywhere and “eat my way through the world.” Yes, Tiger is his real name. As a professional chef, he craves good food. Therefore, he named his YouTube channel “A Hungry Tiger.”Tiger說道:「我可以每天無所事事,但我不能沒有美食。美食有著無限的可能,世界上有太多的美食值得去探索。」“I don’t need to do much in a day, but I do need a good meal,” Tiger said. “Possibilities of food are unlimited and there is just so much to see and eat all over the world.”The top photo was taken in Tainan. The bottom photo was in Hanoi, Vietnam after Tiger played football with the children. (Courtesy of Tiger)而臺灣則成為了他的世界美食之旅中繼站。今年在臺灣待了兩個月,Tiger造訪了台北、台中、嘉義、台南及高雄,享受美食的同時也將臺灣西部遊歷了一遭。Taiwan became a midway in his world food journey. Tiger spent two months in Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung, and explored the local cuisines in the cities.他說,臺灣的觀光潛能明顯被低估了,但他也慶幸臺灣沒有因為觀光而被過度開發。相反的,他說在臺灣感受到中華與日本文化結合,創造出臺灣自己的文化內涵,加上便宜好吃的食物與友善的人們,Tiger說臺灣是他去過的亞洲國家中最有趣也最令人感到輕鬆愉悅的地方。Tiger said Taiwan is underrated in its tourism, but he also said it’s fortunate that there is little tourism. Instead, he said the island is special in its mixture of Chinese and Japanese cultures yet remaining the own touch. Plus the delicious but inexpensive foods and friendly people, “Taiwan is one of the most relaxing and interesting Asian countries,” he said.現在就來看看Tiger的台中逢甲夜市初體驗吧!Let’s now take a look at his exploration in the Taichung Feng Chia night market.脆皮多汁天使雞排讓Tiger大嘆裡面有黑魔法吧! | Tiger tried the Deep-fried Chicken He said the chicken is so juicy that “there’s some dark magic going here.”By Carol Kan  這篇文章 瑞典帥哥廚師的逢甲夜市初體驗 | Swedish YouTuber has a great time in Feng Chia night market 最早出現於 The China Post。
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