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29.10.2019 03:41:45

手機就是零錢包 全家App推新功能不再怕滿手零錢 | Upgraded FamilyMart app allows you to remit money

【看英文中國郵報學英文】連鎖超商全家近日將App功能再創新,瞄準消費者「現金交易找回滿手零錢」的痛點,推出創新的「Fami錢包」功能,現在民眾到超商買東西結帳時,可選擇將零錢全部存入App或是「找整存零」,不再怕滿手零錢。Taiwan’s second-largest convenience store chain FamilyMart (全家便利商店) recently upgraded its mobile payment platform allowing you to make a cash deposit and remit money directly with your smartphone’s app wallet.「Fami錢包」是全家自有支付工具My FamiPay的新功能。因應對手7-Eleven在2015年就堆出Open錢包,全家從2017年起也開發My FamiPay加入行動支付的市場。The new service comes in addition to My FamiPay, the popular mobile payment app launched two years ago in response to 7-Eleven’s mobile payment platform started in 2015.Convenience store chain FamilyMart allows customers to deposit changes in the smartphone app directly. (Shutterstock)全家ER事業本部本部長簡國維指出,截至2019年年中,My FamiPay 會員數已突破1000萬人,而加入新功能之後,預計年底會員數有望打破1100萬大關。Chien Kuo-wei (簡國維), a spokesperson of FamilyMart, said around 10 million people use My FamiPay app on average, and the new service could help expand that reach to 11 million by the end of this year.簡表示,「Fami錢包」自10月23日上線以來,使用人次已來到10萬之多。Chien added that more than 100,000 users have already used the new function since it was launched on Oct. 23.簡指出,超商是零錢流通最多的場域,平均消費金額在80元左右,因此一般民眾拿出一張百元鈔票的機率很高,也衍生出找零的麻煩。To support his argument, he pointed out that the average payment per person in a store is NT$80, meaning that most people would pay with an NT$100 bill and receive NT$20 in coins.因此,「Fami錢包」就以「手機就是你的零錢包」為出發點,讓零錢可以直接存入,非常方便。Chien stressed that the new function lets clients deposit their loose change directly in their smartphone app to avoid the inconvenience of carrying too many coins in their pockets.除了可以存進零錢且儲值金額最高上限5000元,「不用綁卡」新功能也很吸睛,讓沒有信用卡的族群能隨儲隨用,科技更普及化。Thanks to the upgrade, you can deposit up to NT$5,000 in your app wallet and remit money to others without linking your account to a credit card.延伸閱讀:懶人商機  全家攜手Uber Eats搶攻外送市場 | Read More: Uber Eats form alliance with FamilyMartBy Carol Kan這篇文章 手機就是零錢包 全家App推新功能不再怕滿手零錢 | Upgraded FamilyMart app allows you to remit money 最早出現於 The China Post。
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