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04.06.2020 03:12:33

全台最長南投「雙龍七彩吊橋」開放預購門票 | Shuanglong Rainbow Bridge to open June 20 with online reservation system

【看CP學英文】南投信義鄉最深、最長雙龍七彩吊橋確定將於6月20日正式啟用,即日起,民眾可在「南投好好玩」APP以及官網購買預定門票,屆時現場不販售實體票。Shuanglong rainbow suspension bridge in Xinyi Township, Nantou County, which will officially open to the public on June 20, allowed people to reserve tickets in advance on Nantou Fun Pass App or the official website, starting on Wednesday.If you are interested in visiting the breathtaking bridge, remember to make a reservation beforehand as there will be no tickets sold at the attraction. 吊橋全長342公尺,深達110公尺,相當於30層樓高,開放後將成為全台最深、最長最壯觀的景觀吊橋。The suspension bridge is 342 meters in length and 110 meters in depth, equivalent to 30 stories high. After the bridge opens to the public, it will become the deepest and longest bridge in Taiwan. 七彩吊橋採階梯式設計,共420階,每50公尺換一種顏色,遠眺有如七色彩虹懸掛在山谷之間。The rainbow bridge features a flight of stairs with 420 steps and seven colors. If you look at the bridge afar, the bridge looks like a rainbow in the mountain valley. 根據Nantou Fun Pass南投好好玩官網,票價區分為全票100元、優待票70元、特惠票30元。吊橋開幕初期規劃開放上午場(8:00-11:59)800名、下午場(12:00-16:00)700名。開放時間為週二至週日上午八點至下午四點,週一休園。According to Nantou Fun Pass, tickets range NT$100 (regular), NT$70 (concession) and NT$30 (special entry).The bridge is scheduled to open to 800 people in the morning (8:00-11:59) and 700 in the afternoon (12:00-16:00). The attraction will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It will be closed on Mondays.
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