Eastspring Investments - Japan Dynamic Fund - AN (hedged) Fonds

Nettoinventarwert (NAV)

7.88 NZD 0.27 NZD 3.56 %
Vortag 7.61 NZD Datum 04.08.2020

Eastspring Investments - Japan Dynamic Fund - AN (hedged) Fonds Kurs - 1 Jahr


So investiert der Eastspring Investments - Japan Dynamic Fund - AN (hedged) Fonds: This Sub-Fund aims to generate long-term capital growth through a concentrated (i.e. focused) portfolio of equities, equity-related securities, bonds, and currencies. The Sub-Fund will invest primarily in securities of companies, which are incorporated, listed in or have their area of primary activity in Japan.The Sub-Fund may also invest in depository receipts including ADRs and GDRs, convertible bonds, preference shares, warrants and fixed income securities issued by Japan entities.

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Valor 28488902
ISIN LU1244145550
Name Eastspring Investments - Japan Dynamic Fund - AN (hedged) Fonds
Fondsgesellschaft Eastspring Investments
Aufgelegt in Luxembourg
Auflagedatum 15.06.2015
Kategorie Branchen: Andere Sektoren
Währung NZD
Volumen 730’993’550.73
Depotbank The Bank of New York Mellon (Lux) S.A.
Zahlstelle NPB Neue Privat Bank AG
Fondsmanager Dean Cashman
Geschäftsjahresende 31.12.
Berichtsstand 04.08.2020


Ausgabeaufschlag 0.05 %
Verwaltungsgebühr 1.50 %
Depotbankgebühr 0.03 %
VL-fähig? Nein
Sparplan Nein
Ausschüttung Thesaurierend


Name Eastspring Investments (Luxembourg) S.A.
Postfach 34-38 avenue de la Liberté, L-1930 Luxembourg
Ort Luxembourg
Internet http://https://www.eastspring.com/lu/